Looking to make a subtle change to your hair color without making a major commitment or shelling out a ton of money? Consider a semi-permanent at-home color kit instead of traditional permanent hair color.

Why choose our Organic Herbal Hair Color?

Our Organic Herbal Hair Color is a semi-permanent hair color which gradually fades over time instead of creating a clear, visible line of demarcation. If you are still wondering about how big your hair change should be, our semi-permanent hair color is a great way to experiment with a new shade.

Our Organic Herbal Hair Color doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. That means that it doesn’t require any development or pre-mixing, so you can apply it straight onto your hair from the applicator.

Our product lasts through about 28 shampoos - just be sure you’re using shampoo and conditioner systems that are formulated for color-treated hair to preserve your color for longer.

Don’t like the change?
Take comfort in the fact that you should be back to your natural hair color in just a few shampoos.

In love with your new tint?
You can continue using semi-permanent hair color to maintain the effect, or you can switch over to a permanent dye to make a more lasting change.

Leaves your hair full of visible shimmering tones

Includes nourishing conditioner with coconut oil

Washes out gradually, shampoo after shampoo

Fast absorbing, natural formula, easy to apply

The formula

Achieve natural-looking colour with visible shimmering tones using out hair color. Our natural formula blends away grey hair, and provides a luscious fruity smell. Enriched with pure herbal extracts and oils, it nourishes, hydrates and protects your hair and scalp.

After coloring

Our hair color softly colors your hair while caring at the same time. After coloring, the conditioner is enriched with coconut oil that reveals the richness of your hair. It leaves your hair soft and vibrant with an exceptional shine.

Organic Herbal Hair Color

  • About our product:
  • Semi-permanent hair color
  • Nourishes and protects the hair
  • Conditioner with coconut oil
  • Gives you vibrant color
  • Natural ingredients
  • No harsh ingredients
  • Easy procedure
  • Time-saving
  • Price: € 13.99


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